3 Ways Big Data is Transforming Content Marketing Team Tasks

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April 26, 2016
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As different industries converge these days — think consumer electronics and fashion interweaving in a way they’ve never done before — traditional job descriptions barely suffice. A human resource manager needs to think like her marketing counterpart if she believes that “HR is the new marketing”, a writer needs to know how small businesses can use SEO effectively, and a graphic designer must be able to analyse complex data and present it as an infographic that the average Internet surfer can understand.

As you get your content marketing campaign going, you’ll realize that content marketing team tasks and roles aren’t as delineated as they may at first seem. A major cause of this disruption is the availability of big data, brought to your fingertips by the Internet. Data is no longer the sole domain of data scientists, academics, economists and full-time researchers. It has become a tool for discovering ways to reach your audience online — a tool that editors, social media managers and digital designers can, and must, use.

Let’s look at how data can help each member of your team in becoming a smarter content marketer:


A recent article on the ‘editor versus algorithm’ debate concluded that each needs the other. In choosing stories to display on netizens’ news feeds, algorithm can help an editor detect a reader’s interests and the type of media he or she prefers. It also tells an editor what stories gain the most traffic, what mobile device readers use for which content, and what time they tend to read the news.

An editor can use this data to determine stories to promote on a news feed. However, an editor can also spot a compelling story that an algorithm wouldn’t typically notice. He can also anticipate what news people will care about tomorrow, and understands that a story that’s more clickable isn’t necessarily more significant. Being a reader himself, an editor will know what stories resonate with humans and what articles are suited for a specific industry.

Social media manager

Data informs social media managers where people are ‘hanging out’ online, and when. It shows what types of content certain people share, and tells you what is trending. It also helps you track website traffic, leads and conversions.

A social media manager’s job is to use data as a guide for choosing appropriate social media platforms as well as for the timing of posts. He must also keep the online conversation with the brand’s audience going through consistent, personalised replies to comments, by speaking in the audience’s language while retaining a professional tone, aligning posts with relevant events, and adapting each message to each platform.

Digital designer

While this job title sounds more obviously linked to technology and data analytics compared to the previous two, its humanistic side is sometimes overlooked. Digital designers create not just visuals, but also applications and websites that work well and even intuitively.

To do that, designers must understand how customers use a product or service, their motives for using it, the experience they expect when they use it, and how it affects their lifestyles. Such is the success behind products like the iPod and iPad, as well as sites like Facebook and Pinterest.

As you prepare to get your content marketing campaign going and build your team, look for people who can appreciate both technical and humanistic viewpoints. As you and your team define their content marketing team tasks, keep in mind that data analytics is not an option, but a necessity; however, it’s not an enemy threatening to render human input useless, either. As interesting it might sound, the battle is not mind versus machine. It’s against the mentality that thinks one can thrive without the other in today’s marketing landscape. 

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