Four Examples of Content Marketing for Small Businesses

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June 8, 2015
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June 12, 2015

So you’ve heard of content marketing and think it may help your company, which may be a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME). But it seems like such a huge time commitment, and right now, launching a content marketing campaign with a small team and budget is all you can commit to.

If you have doubts whether such an endeavour will do you any good, this blog may encourage you to get started with your content marketing campaign. We looked at four SMEs, three of which are based in Australia, that are doing a great job branding themselves online and interacting with their consumers. Their examples of content marketing for small businesses may give you idea son how to succeed in reaching your audience online.

Gelato Messina

We should begin with a disclaimer: do not proceed if hungry.

Still here? Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

Messina, a gelato brand, shows its products and sometimes barely needs to do little else. Here’s what we mean:

examples of content marketing for small business ice cream

examples of content marketing for small business ice cream
A photo from Messina’s Instagram feed
examples of content marketing for small business ice cream2

A screenshot of Messina’s Pinterest page

As of writing, Messina has:

98,900 Instagram followers

76,458 Facebook likes

10,200 Twitter followers (it follows only 1,200)

402 Pinterest followers (it follows only 29)

Two lessons learned: Have a great product, know its appeal, and proudly show it to the world. And try zooming in on interesting features that customers might normally overlook (after all, who holds a scoop of ice cream up close to his face?).

Radio Flyer

Family-owned Radio Flyer sells toys but doesn’t stop there. Capitalising on its now-iconic red wagon, it invites customers to share Little Red Stories — text, photos or videos about their children enjoying Radio Flyer’s products, or about memories of their first ever red wagons. Every month, the company picks a winning story and features it on its blog.

Its Instagram page banks on the innate ‘cute factor’ of the toys and their main consumers by showing toddlers playing. The photos receive context with captions that tie them to current celebrations. A photo of a toddler on a Radio Flyer bike beside a dog, for instance, comes with the caption “BFFs always know what you're thinking. Happy#NationalBestFriendDay!” while a photo of a kid on her training wheels features the hashtag #BikeToWorkDay. Even Cinco de Mayo gets a photo of chips on a red wagon with bowls of salsa on the side.

examples of content marketing for small business toys.png

examples of content marketing for small business toys.png

A Mother’s Day post on Radio Flyer’s Instagram feed

Radio Flyer’s website also helps parents with ideas for birthday party games and downloadable colouring pages. The company is also active on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube.

Two lessons learned: Stay relevant by connecting your posts to current events, issues or celebratory days. Also, the best stories can come from your buyers. As we pointed out in our article on becoming a smarter content marketer, you can always seek outside help in creating content.

Redarc Electronics

Redard manufactures electronic voltage converters and related products, and is not afraid to spend on content marketing. It knows that its buyers are handy with electronics and will do things like modifying vehicles or bringing a source of solar power when camping. Redarc’s website thus offers wiring guides, tech tips, calculators, how-to articles, explanatory videos and a forum. Redarc also partners with shows, such as four-wheel drive shows that feature Redarc electronics on modified off-road vehicles.

examples of content marketing for small business electronics.png

examples of content marketing for small business electronics.png

Redarc collaborates with TV shows

On its Facebook page, Redarc holds contests giving away value packs. These contests require audiences to comment on product preferences or share examples of how they use certain Redarc value packs.

Two lessons learned: Be helpful, especially if your consumers are the handy, DIY types. And use contests as an opportunity to know more about your buyers and how they use your products.

Second to None Nutrition

Second to None Nutrition (STN) sells fitness and dietary supplements as well as fitness apparel. Its blog offers information on things like nutrition myths, curation on topics like what fitness gurus have for breakfast, motivation for workout, and tips such as recipes for cookies and truffles that use both Nutella and STN’s whey protein powder. One post features a healthy 50-year-old who decided to guzzle 10 cans of Coke every day for 30 days straight to raise awareness on the negative effects of sugar on the body.

Its social media feed features motivational messages, funny memes and videos of people turning their regular workout routines into dance moves.

examples of content marketing for small business nutrition.jpg

examples of content marketing for small business nutrition.jpg

A meme on Second To None Nutrition Facebook page

Two lessons learned: Motivate people by showing them great things that ordinary people do. And don’t hesitate to use humour to empathise with your customers.

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