The Number One Tip On How To Make The Right Hiring Decision

Posted by Fiona Kesby on 20-Oct-2016 10:00:00

Hire on Motivation :)

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I first started recruiting back in the late 90’s working for Michael Page International in Sydney, Australia. To be honest I really started connecting people and jobs when I first moved to London at 19 years of age in 1994 when I worked at Swiss Bank Corporation. The office building housed 1000 employees.  I was soon sort out by Department Heads who would ask if I had any friends looking for work. I always made a great match and the word spread fast.  Back then I thought it was the fact they loved Aussie Accents, we were known to have a good laugh, life of the party and always up for after work drinks at the local pub.  On reflection it was that I referred people like myself, they say like attracts like and we were all highly motivated.  To save up and step outside your comfort zone and to move to another country takes a lot of motivation!

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5 Tips on Assembling Your Dream Content Marketing Team

Posted by Matt Kesby on 18-May-2015 08:15:00

So you’ve decided to get started with your content marketing campaign  now what? Depending on your company’s size, you’re probably thinking of hiring just one to three people, or you might be thinking of up to nine. Many companies are finding it best to work with in-house teams as well as freelancers, outsourced agencies, and ‘brand fans’ who contribute content.

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