What is Managed Operations? Smart Offshoring for SME's!

Posted by Fiona Kesby on 22-Oct-2016 12:10:00

Businesses have found that offshoring to the Philippines is easier and more successful when done through managed operations, because:

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How Effective are Images and Videos in Blog Posts? 9 Answers

Posted by Matt Kesby on 15-Jun-2015 10:02:46

If you sometimes feel like you've hit a wall with your blog, it might be because of a few factors:

  • you haven't been blogging long enough
  • you don't blog frequently enough
  • your buyer persona profile isn't as well-researched as you need it to be

There may be dozens of other causes as well, ranging from insufficient SEO to unfriendly website design to the lack of a call to action. But one thing bloggers might miss out on is the chance to improve your blog's performance (i.e., viewing time and conversion rates) by using images and videos.

Just how effective are images and videos in blog posts, websites and emails? Let's see what answers some studies have unearthed.

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7 Elements of an Effective Blog Post

Posted by Kat on 12-Jun-2015 09:32:00

It’s Friday morning and you haven’t written your blog post scheduled to be published over the weekend. Luckily, you know what you want to write about, and you’re sure you’ll have written a good post before the end of the hour.

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5 Elements of a Call-to-Action

Posted by Matt Kesby on 03-Jun-2015 08:00:00

One mistake many marketers make when publishing content online is aiming only to get their target market to visit the company’s website. On the other hand, entrepreneurs tend to fixate on converting those readers into customers.

There’s a missing link there that often gets ignored: the step that visitors to a website, blog or social media page take to become leads, before they’re ready to become your customers. It’s your call to action (CTA) that makes them take that step.

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What Inbound Marketing Looks Like

Posted by Matt Kesby on 23-May-2015 10:00:00


It’s a weekend, and plenty of us have done much heavy intellectual lifting during the week. So let’s have a visual treat to show us what inbound marketing looks like.

Look at these photos below and try to think of how the people in the images feel about the featured products.


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5 Tips on Assembling Your Dream Content Marketing Team

Posted by Matt Kesby on 18-May-2015 08:15:00

So you’ve decided to get started with your content marketing campaign  now what? Depending on your company’s size, you’re probably thinking of hiring just one to three people, or you might be thinking of up to nine. Many companies are finding it best to work with in-house teams as well as freelancers, outsourced agencies, and ‘brand fans’ who contribute content.

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