Top 5 tasks that a VA can do to increase your Recruitment Revenue.

Posted by Fiona Kesby on 24-Oct-2016 12:33:00

There are so many tasks that a recruitment admin virtual assistant can do for you - I have a list over 44 in fact.  Email me and I’m happy to send you a copy.

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Why you need to chose Cebu over Manila for your offshore team.

Posted by Fiona Kesby on 23-Oct-2016 12:20:00

It was an easy decision for Go Virtual Assistants Inc - it was all about the benefits for both our employees and clients.  Not to mention who doesn't love having world class resorts on your doorstep!

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What is Managed Operations? Smart Offshoring for SME's!

Posted by Fiona Kesby on 22-Oct-2016 12:10:00

Businesses have found that offshoring to the Philippines is easier and more successful when done through managed operations, because:

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