What is Managed Operations? Smart Offshoring for SME’s!

Number One Tip for Success using a Virtual Assistant
October 21, 2016
Why you need to choose Cebu over Manila for your offshore team.
October 23, 2016

Businesses have found that offshoring to the Philippines is easier and more successful when done through managed operations, because:

  • Philippines has a very high standard of English both written and spoken.  
  • Staff use a modern office, with fiber optic internet connection as fast as the NBN.
  • Choose a provider that can offer you a Results Coaches program to guide Virtual Assistants in prioritizing daily tasks
  • Productivity increases as work is monitored through screenshots and reports.  Creating SOP's, training videos and work flow maps.
  • Moral increase when people work together in a office environment
  • Staff enjoy perks such as private medical insurance, monthly retention activities, government benefits, nurse on site and much more
  • Dedicated recruitment team to search for top talent, interview & test for you
  • You meet online applicants online and choose who you would like on your team
  • Team members work to your policy and procedures. Speak to them as often as you like - they are your team members - house and cared for with the support of your Managed Operations Partner.

Increase revenue, reduce costs, and scale through offshoring low value tasks to the Philippines via Managed Operations.

Manage Operations is the hassle free way to set up a Virtual Assistant or a Team of Virtual Assistants in the Philippines. It’s the perfect middle ground between outsourcing (where you have no control over who does your work or how it’s done) and setting up your own office in the Philippines (costly & high risk navigating local government & labor laws).

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