Why you need to choose Cebu over Manila for your offshore team.

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October 22, 2016
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October 24, 2016

It was an easy decision for Go Virtual Assistants Inc - it was all about the benefits for both our employees and clients.  Not to mention who doesn't love having world class resorts on your doorstep!

Cebu offers a better lifestyle for your team members:

  • Cost of living is lower - team members don’t jump around as much chasing a small increase.
  • Crime rate is lower.
  • Clear blue skies with no pollution. We all know how good vitamin D is for us.  Sunshine makes us feel better.  When we feel good we are productive.
  • Traffic in Manila is now extending to over 2 hours to commute.  How stressed do you feel when you sit in traffic that long - not very productive by the time you get to work!
  • Speak to anyone that has burnout living in a big city and made the move to a place that offers a better lifestyle - it is always positive. Happy team members more productive outputs.

Benefits for our Clients:

  • Office rental is lower passing on cost savings to our clients.
  • We can find the talent. Less companies to compete with, population of over 4.86 million people, 22 colleges & a BPO industry supporting the US for over 10 years - the talent pool is massive.
  • Tardiness and absences are at an all time high in Manila - it’s the traffic.   Speak to anyone who has visited or lived in Manila and one of the first topics is traffic. It is horrendous.  Team Members are not delayed in getting to work in Cebu like their colleagues in Manila.  More work life balance and less commuting time.  
  • Mactan Newtown Development a 28.8 hectare information-technology park and economic zone being built includes office space, housing, hotels, shopping, restaurants and an international school.  The ultimate work-live-play community on the beach and only minutes from the International Airport.
  • Great place to visit for a holiday or to live.  World class beaches and resorts. Come visit us and check it out for yourself!


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