7 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Global Team in the Philippines

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Reasons Why You Should Start Your Global Team in the Philippines

Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to hire a virtual assistant working from home or a VP of a company looking to scale your business with a global team, the Philippines is your number one choice and here’s why:


1. Cost Advantage

One of the first reasons the Philippines is the first choice for your offshore team is the cost savings between 50 – 70% compared to the USA, Australia or the UK. Many of our clients have known that hiring locally, onshore is cost prohibitive for scaling their business. Adding new team members in the Philippines has meant they can scale and then hire future roles locally.


2. English Fluency

Almost everyone speaks English. Unlike their Asian neighbors, the Philippines use English as the official language next to the national language, Tagalog. There are over 7000 islands, 8 major dialects from 170 in total. English is the official language of the Government and the language used from primary school to university to teach all subjects.


3. Availability of Skilled Workforce

A population of over 104 Million people and more than 550,000 graduates from University each year there is a highly educated workforce to select from. IT, Engineering, Psychology & Nursing the most popular courses that Filipinos complete. Many have experience working abroad in the UK, USA, Middle East, and Australia.


4. Culture Harmony

From street signs in English, western pop music, fashion & food (McDonald, Starbucks, Pizza Hut etc), The practice of Catholicism and over 40 years ago colonized by the Americans. The Philippines has many western traits. It’s easy for your Filipino team member to be trained on your customs and make your customers and yourself feel at ease when dealing with them. It is also an easy country to visit and you won’t experience too much culture shock.


5. Time Difference

With an outsourcing industry that is over 25 years old and running 24/7, the time difference is not an issue. There are workers available for all western countries time zones. For Australia, the east coast is only a 2-hour difference and west coast the same time zone.


6. Highly Resilient & Customer Centric Workforce

The Filipinos can laugh away stress and endure repetitive roles or frustrating phone calls from customers with a resilience not seen in the west. Maybe it’s their history of enduring natural disasters and needing to be resourceful, combined with the Catholic religion to show gratitude. There is a kindness and warmth that makes you enjoy working with them.


7. Travel Destination

The Philippines is not all work and a top international destination for tourism. Think of the wonders of Boracay or Palawan, white sand beaches and crystal clear water. If you set your team up in Cebu City you are often only a 40-minute drive for 5-star resorts, snorkeling or scuba diving.

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