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September 28, 2020
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At the start, take the time to save time. Your global team will work better and your business will scale much faster. CEO Fiona Kesby of Global Office PH shares her No. 1 tip so you’ll never again have to say, “But it’s faster if I do things myself!”

Gem: Are you ready to go…

Gem and Jason: All In?

Gem: I’m Gem.

Jason: And I’m Jason.

Gem: ‘But it’s faster if I do it myself’. The one line that holds business leaders and entrepreneurs back from scaling their operations.
Jason: For today’s short session, Global Office PH CEO, Fiona Kesby, will teach you on how to convert your team, to thinking like billionaires for your business. Please welcome with us, Fiona Kesby!

Fiona: Hi Gem! Hi Jason! Yes, that’s right. You would never have heard Richard Branson, Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg saying, but it’s faster if I do it myself. Now, you might not have a goal to have a billion-dollar business, awesome if you do. It’s safe to say you would like to scale to a seven or eight figure turnover. So I’m going to share with you the number one hack that will help you from never saying this line again. So for everyone listening, grab a pen and paper.

Jason: Yes, you’ll definitely want to write these down.

Fiona: Excellent. Thank you. So there are five simple steps in this hack. So step one, meet your virtual assistant online via zoom meeting. Step two, ask a VA to record the session. Step three, share your screen with your VA. Step four, show your VA how to do the task doing it yourself. So remember, they’re watching. And then step five, ask your VA to repeat back or as we like to say, bounce back to me how to do the task, and then answer any questions they may have. It’s that simple. Your VA then has a video to refer to, so you never have to show them again. You have just started your first video in your video training series. You can even take it one step further and have them create the instructions as a standard operating procedure and save it on the entrepreneurial software, dothis.to, to set up your automated onboarding for all your positions.

Gem: And there you have it the answer to: but it’s faster if I do it myself.

Jason: Thank you, Fiona! Looking forward to hearing more hacks and tips from you.

Gem: Once a again, I am Gem!

Jason: And I am Jason, and this is…

Gem and Jason: All In!

Gem: Where we talk about leading global teams, helping businesses to scale, and being a catalyst for people to exceed.

Jason:  All In is brought to you by Global Office PH, from sunny Cebu in the Philippines.

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