Case Study: How a VA Grew a Client’s Database

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Updating and managing a growing database of contacts can become tedious for a business owner. It’s an integral part of running a business, but it’s often pushed back due to time constraints.

One of our clients at GOVA experienced the same when he was taking his business planning and business development firm to the next level. He noticed that his CRM needed some nurturing and that emails kept bouncing; he had every intention of investigating why this was happening and how he could solve it.

But it stopped there. He simply did not have time to dig deeper into what was happening. 

Enter GO-VA.

The client then hired a data researcher VA to take care of his CRM database.

Two years in, the client has experienced an impressive improvement in terms of his CRM database. His virtual assistant has done an amazing job in:

  • Helping in the growth, cleansing, and maintenance of the client’s CRM database
  • Growing the CRM database 
  • Updating the CRM with new contact information
  • Investigating why emails are “bouncing” back

In the past two years, the client’s overall improvement can be seen in the following numbers:

  • 45% CRM database growth
  • From 20% to 2% email bounce rates
  • From 5,000 to 7,300 CRM contacts
  • From 2,500 to 4,300 LinkedIn connections
GO Virtual Assistants Case Study

Having a virtual assistant he can delegate tasks to has truly helped the client in moving forward in his business. Because the VA handles all of the back end responsibilities, he is able to have more time to focus on what his clients need from him.

Just recently, the client invited his VA to Australia to do some in-person training.

For the client, the value of having a virtual assistant on board is truly worth the investment.

How A VA Grew a Client's Database
How A VA Grew a Client's Database
How A VA Grew a Client's Database

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