Christmas Party & Awards’ Night 2017

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The red carpet was rolled for the most glamorous event of the year. It was more than just a Christmas party. It was a celebration of a successful and remarkable year as Go Virtual Assistants awarded the people who made great contributions in making 2017 a resounding success.


Fashionably dressed for the night, all employees were eager on what awaited them on the event. The cornucopia of food, voguish attendees, and boundless excitement mixed highlighted the high-class occasion.

The highest award given that night was the CEO Award which was personally handed by CEO Fiona Kesby. It was awarded to Ian Sarthou who greatly helped in opening the various offices. Ian is the company’s Implementation Manager.

Another award was dubbed the IronMan and IronWoman. These awards were for employees who did not incur any tardiness, no absences, and had no sick leave. The awardees were David Moro and Faith Cataluna, respectively.

The company also recognized the employees who lived the company values in everything that they do. The company’s values are Care, Drive, Execute, Learn, and Find-a-Way.

The Value of Care award is given to employees who possess the internal drive to maintain, even improve, on their performance. They maintain a great relationship with their colleagues, superiors, and their clients too. This award was conferred to Justine Lou Jutba, Don Nichol Gonzales, and Sandra Lyn Cortes.

Maria Nenita Asauro, Joan Michelle dela Peña, and Dionna Sala received the Value of Drive award. This award recognizes employees who exceeded the client and the management’s expectation. They work with minimal supervision but still deliver exceptional output that gains the client’s recognition. Moreover, they are not afraid to innovate on ideas and steps to get the project seamlessly done.

Another award was the Value of Execute which recognizes employees who consistently exceeded the client and management’s expectation. They are self-reliant, innovative, and open-minded in everything that they do. They always find ways to make things done the right way. This award went to Marilou Campo, Celso Arsua Jr., and Mark Tio.

The Value of Learn award honors employees who went above and beyond by utilizing what they learned in helping their client and the company succeed. It was conferred to Elmer Francisco Perez, Chestere Eube Baring, and Sheila Mariz Pantaleon.

On the other hand, Florelyn Alarcon, Mila Rose Hayo, and Jhon Bernard Baclay won the Value of Find-a-way award. It recognizes employees who did not let the roadblocks they experience deter them from getting their tasks done exceptionally. They sought ways to overcome these problems, they embraced challenges and took responsibility and accountability for their actions.

Joanne Enriquez was also recognized for her loyalty to the company.

Moreover, two employees stood out in the au courant crowd. Karen Lechoco and Earl Jeag Sariego were named the head-turners of the night.

Capping the night was a raffle draw with heaps of amazing prizes.

It was truly a remarkable night. In Fiona’s words, the company is blessed with amazing people that make it more successful. Everyone ended the occasion with smiles on their faces and the determination to make 2018 even bigger.

Watch our Christmas party video, and those of our awesome monthly events, here.

Celebrations are part of our culture here at Go Virtual Assistants Inc.--we always celebrate a month of productivity, greatness, & success. Our culture of happiness, driven by our values of Drive, Execute, Care, Learn, and Find a Way, makes our team the best in what we do. If you would like a remarkable offshore team or team member, book a discovery session now.  

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