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Let’s face it: millennials are taking over the workforce. It sounds exaggerated, but different researchers say that Generation Y will compose 50% of the global workforce by 2020. They are the tech-savvy, innovative, and well-rounded generation with their own set of expectations and demands. This brings new requirements in the workplace centered around creativity, entrepreneurism, and accelerated personal development closer to the boardroom. Nonetheless, not all companies are living up to this expectation.

What keeps them engaged in an organization? You may be thinking of free lunch, ping pong tables, nap quarters…and a long list more. Though these perks are good to have, Harvard Business School said these don’t keep them in the long term. It is good employee engagement that knits them closer to their organization.

How does GO-VA support the millennials in the workplace? Here are four things we noted:

  1. Growth & Development

In the last five years, about 87% of the management roles across all industries worldwide have been occupied by millennials. This is expected to rise year after year. Therefore, Go-VA always has the employees personal development in mind. The company library has a wide collection of different leadership books that they can borrow and read in their free time. Upskilling is also highly encouraged when the employee has nothing to do anymore.

  1. Open Communication and Transparency

An Australian financial company did a survey among millennials. They found out that 74% of their respondents said that confidence in their leadership is the key driver of engagement.

What does this mean? They want to see their leaders as someone they can look up to and emulate. They look forward to having a good conversation with them, and them listening to their concerns and challenges, and making them understand that their efforts matter most. They want leaders who mentor them.

Different organizations have their own way of living up to this expectation, but Go-VA’s unique way proved to be very successful in keeping its employees engaged. The Results Coaches huddle their team members daily and weekly. Moreover, the management, even the CEO herself, crowdsources innovative thoughts within the company.

The culture of transparency requires an ongoing dialogue between the management and the team members. So, millennials value an organization with open and constant communication and feedback process.

  1. Recognize and Reward Contributions

Being recognized for their efforts goes a long way. Different studies show that they want to feel that their efforts relate to the company’s mission. Big or small achievements need to be celebrated.

For this reason, several organizations structured a recognition system for their employees. Every month, Go-VA recognizes team members who exhibit the five values of the company: Care, Drive, Learn, Execute, and Find a Way. That’s on top of the monthly engagement activity to recognize everyone’s commitment to success and dedication to making the company the best in the industry.

  1. Creates Impact

Millennials feel good when they’re able to contribute toward social good. Cone Communications’ study reveals that 83% of them are loyal to the companies that help them contribute toward social and environmental issues. A hefty 88% of them are more engaged and fulfilled when they’re given the chance to create positive impact on these issues.

The outreach program doesn’t need to be fancy and big. Last year, Go-VA visited a non-profit organization that helps street children. What is important is that they’re able to help in spreading the cause so dear to them.

The future is here. With millennials taking the helm in the workforce, GO-VA is also continuously reinventing itself to create an environment that cultivates innovative ideas and improves the Gen Y’s overall wellbeing.

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