How to Win in Outsourcing: Even if You’re Not Ready to Start

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August 7, 2020
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How to Win in Outsourcing Even if You're Not Ready to Start

If we waited to get completely ready, would we ever get anything done? In this episode, Global Office PH CEO Fiona Kesby names the 5 areas to ask about when you’re looking for an outsourcing provider.

Gem: Are you ready to go,

Gem and Jason: all in?

Gem: I’m Gem,

Jason: and I’m Jason.

Gem: Hi, Fiona!

Jason: For today’s All in Episode, Fiona Kesby of Global Office PH will be sharing with us, How to Win in Outsourcing, even if You’re Not Ready to Start, and along with that, the five key questions to ask for you business owners out there, why being the right fit is more important than being ready. Hi, Fiona!

Fiona: Hi, Gemstar. Hi, Jason. Yes, that’s right. In business or in life, if we wait until we’re ready, let’s be honest. We’d never get started, would we?

Jason: Oh, that’s right.

Gem: Agree.

Fiona: When you find the right fit in outsourcing your supplier or partner with you to help you get ready and manage any fear of the unknown. And there are five questions you need to ask, and there’s five key areas that they should be able to support you in. So the first question to ask is about data security. So what is data security? It’s part compliance, part engineering and a major part culture. And these are the three critical questions to ask to give you peace of mind.

Fiona: So the first question to ask here is, do you have PCI compliant office? So PCI stands for payment card industry data and security compliance standards. It’s one of the highest levels of data security. This means an office with biometrics or face to face recognition to enter, security guards, no mobile phones, no pens or paper and with USB and drivers disabled. Now, this is not needed for all businesses and you may not need it. However, if your outsourcing provider does offer this level of security, you know that they take data security seriously.

Fiona: You can also ask if they provide the software at home to monitor in a PCI compliance as well. Many of the large international banks have got this set up and your service provider should be able to provide the same for you as well. Next question to ask is where will my data be saved? Now you’re looking for providers that will disable USB and drives so that all your data is saved on your cloud or your server, your team members using your email addresses as well, and that you own the CRM and any software that they’re logging in to as well.

Fiona: And then the third question to ask is, how are applicants vetted? So are they reference checked? Are there medical and drug tests done? Are they required to submit a police clearance? If you’re in the finance industry, you might also like to add a credit check.

Fiona: Now you need to have a dedicated offshore team members that you’ve selected working 100 percent for your account. The next question the second question to ask your service provider is how they attract and short list the right talent fit for you. You need to be able to hire like a pro. And there are three simple rules of selection. And we’ve got a proven methodology that has successfully hired over one thousand five hundred virtual assistants. We’ve proven this methodology many times and it’s make sure your service provider allows you to select and use the below three rules.

Fiona: So can you interview and select who’s on your team? Can you review resumes and select team members with a proven track record of longevity? If your service provider sends you job hoppers, they’re not the right fit for you. You know that saying, history repeats itself? You know what’s going to happen. And then the third thing is test for English comprehension. Now, there’s many free online tests, and the best way is test your onshore team and benchmark your top performers and their levels of comprehension.

Fiona: And then you want to see really high level of comprehension with your team offshore as well. There’s so many of the tasks that are given, either from an email, online chat or standard operating procedures. And you want to know that your team members have really high comprehension for understanding. And then there’s that faster train up and onboarding for your tasks.

Fiona: Now, the third key question to ask a service provider is, do you provide an environment of a winning culture so your team members feel engaged and you don’t experience, churn and burn.

Fiona: So actually ask what their values are and see if they’re aligned with yours. Ask them to share their employee engagement strategy with you about how they make your team members feel safe and check their social media for feedback and reviews. Now, the fourth question to ask your potential service provider is do you provide me with software and app so you can automate your offshore team members onboarding and training? So you’re looking for productivity tracking, KPI management, standard operating procedures.

Fiona: Now, we’ve actually developed the entrepreneurial software And that provides, online organizational structure, KPI management, process and procedures, even a daily huddle board that’s been the real game changer and task management.

Gem: So for those listening, by the way, just very quickly, if you’re interested in, we’ll put the link down below for you to check out.

Fiona: Yes, please do check it out. It’s a real game changer for your business. And the final question to ask is, does your service provider actually have Western or expat management either on site or living in the Philippines to help you support your team? You know, is there actually an expat that you can call on who understands your culture and understands the Filipino culture? Look, for expats that have had experience with recruitment, human behavior and productivity, even process engineering.

Fiona: You know that you’re going to get that support to set your team up there. And interview the expats as well and work out, you know, do they have the same leadership style as yourself to care for your team and provide an environment that’s going to help them exceed? So if your service provider can answer yes to all these questions, then you’re ready to get started.

Jason: There you have it. How to win in outsourcing, even if you’re not ready to start. Thank you for being with us yet once again, Fiona.

Fiona: Thanks, Gemstar. Thanks, Jason. Have an awesome day.

Jason: You too, Fiona.

Gem: Bye, Fiona.

Gem: I am Gem.

Jason: And I am Jason. And this is

Gem and Jason: ALL IN!

Gem: Where we talk about leading global teams, helping businesses to scale and being a catalyst for people to exceed.

Jason: All in is brought to you by Global Office. P.H., from sunny Cebu in the Philippines.


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