January 2019 Lunch with the CEO: Be An Unreasonable Person

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2019 is yet another remarkable year for GO-VA!

Our first Lunch with the CEO revolves around being the “unreasonable person”. Sounds odd right? We’ll get to that a little later.

Our CEO, Fiona Kesby, began the presentation by welcoming the new members of our tribe, special recognition to January awardees, and a look back to what has been an awesome month.

On the other hand, Fiona announced another bit of good and exciting news among many. Matt Kesby, GO-VA’s Founder and Head of Vertical High-Performance Life, is moving to Cebu with his family! This means GO-VA will have even stronger support and more leadership training for its employees. Exciting times!


CEO Award

January’s hall of awardees is led by Michael Gloria, IT Support of GO-VA. He received the CEO Award being able to showcase the 6 core values of the company.

GO Virtual Assistants January 2019 Awardees

Find A Way:
Earl Calacday, Technical Support VA

Rhizza Nuñez, Sales Support VA

Ava Montenegro, Project Coordinator VA

Learn Awards:
Kep Silva, Customer Service Administrator VA

Justin Tejam, Administration Assistant VA

Janice Tecson, Recruitment Assistant VA

Care Awards:
Airol Dakay, Property Management Assistant VA

Joining the Hall of Fame this month were the Loyalty Awardees, who have dedicated their service and hard work through the years. We had a total of 16 team members who celebrated their work anniversaries this month.

Island Holiday

Last 2018, GO-VA ran a competition where team members with the most number of successful referrals win a P20,000-worth Island Holiday of the team member’s choice. Yes, you read that right! He/she can decide whether to spend that with whomever he/she wants or alone and wherever he/she wishes it to be.

Based on the criteria of the competition, all referees must still be employed with GO-VA during the draw dates; in case of a tie, the team member with the referees who have been with the company the longest over the 12-month period will be declared as the winner.

The 2018 winner with the most referrals is no other than Joanne Enriquez, Support Team Lead VA! I’m sure you’re all asking how she spent her holiday, so please watch the video below:

A Remarkable Year Ahead

This year, we’re running the most referrals competition again, which means all employees have the chance again to win an Island Getaway of their choice! The only question is, how much do you want it? The answer is in your hands!

GO Virtual Assistants Team Photo

Another exciting event this year is that employees of GO-VA will have free access to Vertical Sessions. VERTICAL is an invite-only community of remarkable people who come together to build a high-performance life both personally and professionally. It will be held once a quarter here in Cebu.

Our Road to 1000

Here at GO-VA, we thrive for success. We believe that our clients’ success is our long-term success. We always put our best foot forward in everything we do. Our HR team has solidified each and every aspect of the company, from Results Coach programs to policies being implemented. We’re ready for a thousand employees! We’re even more ready to accept more clients and cater to more.

Be an "unreasonable person"

To finally wrap up this month, our CEO, Fiona Kesby, shared this very motivating video by Robin Sharma, one of GO-VA’s influencers. Watch it below:

We all commit to being an “unreasonable” person this year! I am GO-VA!

See more photos of our January Lunch with the CEO here.

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