October CEO Lunch Presentation: Circle of Excellence

Festival of Lights at GO-VA Cebu, Philippines
October Celebration: All the Lovely Lights
November 4, 2019
GO Virtual Assistant Tribe
December 2019 CEO Lunch Presentation: Great Expectations
December 20, 2019

This month, GO-VA was honoured to be elevated to the Circle of Excellence in the Asia CEO Awards’ category for SME of the Year 2019. It felt like an extended celebration of our fifth anniversary, which we marked just five months before.

Circle of Excellence in the Asia CEO Awards’ category for SME

Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

We love the idea of creating a circle of excellence. It reminds us that whilst we may be able to achieve much as individuals, we can do so much more by working as a team—or in our case, as a tribe.

Being surrounded by those who share our core values energises us.

Being led by masters of productivity who care about our welfare inspires us to strive always to exceed.

And we are motivated to relentlessly pursue excellence by the thought that our work helps other organisations, particularly SMEs, grow and create more value for their communities.

Our Tribe Keeps on Growing!

As of October, the GO-VA tribe has grown to 418 team members supporting 90 active clients, with 3 client partners, and a total of 987 employees and dependents covered by medical insurance.

GO Virtual Assistant Team in Cebu, Philippines

Perfect Attendance

Congratulations to Results Coach Carlos and his team for leading the race for the best results in attendance and punctuality! It was a close race overall, but at 99.28 percent, this was the team to emulate in October.

At GO-VA, we constantly remind ourselves and each other: “To be early is on time, to be on time is late, and to be late is unacceptable.”

Labor Day in October

In the Philippines, Labour Day is celebrated on May 1.

But for team members who work with clients in New South Wales, Queensland, and South Australia, October had a pleasant surprise: a long weekend that ended on Oct. 7, Labour Day in those states.

What a great reminder to be thankful for clients who are mindful of our well-being and make it a point to be inclusive, which are so important when working with remote teams.


Thirty-two team members celebrated work anniversaries in October. We look forward to celebrating more milestones and achievements with them all.

We Live By Our Values: Values Winners for October

We believe that living by our seven core values is part of what led us to the Circle of Excellence in the Asia CEO Awards. But awards, while valuable, are not the reason we choose to work this way.

We love being part of a remarkable work environment and being surrounded by team members who inspire us to be our best.

Here are our most remarkable team members for October:

Brigette R. – Resident Support

Care Awardee

Brigette R.Resident Support

Showing the value of care, Bridgette made sure that two residents who had been locked out one Saturday found a spare key, even if the clients were in the US and she was assisting them from Cebu. They were so grateful that they sent her a note and some goodies to thank her for her assistance.

Rowena – Virtual Assistant

Drive Awardee

Rowena Y.  – Virtual Assistant

“No task is impossible or too big for you. Your skills at research are excellent and you use this often to acquire new knowledge and better yourself. This is shown in the excellent way you’ve managed and handled Google Ads, AdRoll, and the keyword searches. You’re dedicated, deliver on time, follow up, and are very easy to work with.” – Client Stine

Raymond – Video Editor

Humility Awardee

Raymond A.Video Editor

“Raymond is a humble smooth operator. He gets things done without any fuss and he is quick to deliver whatever is asked of him. He does a good job updating the content for the digital board, a tool that is highly visible while its creator is happy to remain invisible.” – RC Karen

Maria Chello A. – Booking Support Specialist

Learn Awardee

Maria Chello A.Booking Support Specialist

She graduated last Oct. 19 from the Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program. “She has been great considering she works at night and studies in the morning, and still has time to spend with her husband and kids. She is literally a Super Mom.” – RC Lloyd

Jinky C. – Operations Supervisor

Gratitude Awardee

Jinky C.Operations Supervisor

“She acknowledges and shows gratitude for the help she receives from everyone; the support she received from her client, her team, her Results Coach Marnie for being her mentor, HR Geraline for reminding her to believe in herself, Vanessa in Recruitment for listening and Go-VA for being so supportive in encouraging her to be a better leader in this complex and challenging world.” – Zana, OM

Dhazzel C. – Client Services Administrator

Execute Awardee

Dhazzel C.Client Services Administrator

“Dhazzel is absolutely brilliant. I wish I could have her in my office all the time. I wish I had come across you guys two years ago. I wouldn’t be so exhausted and jaded.” – Client

Apple – Lead Generation Expert

Find A Way Awardee

Apple S.Lead Generation Expert

“When the leads slow down, Apple is always thinking of new ideas for how to increase them. Apple is always early, always stays late if needed, and we’ve even had calls when she’s gone home for the day (due to the time difference) to make sure she is clear on the plan for the next day. While Apple is always bubbly, happy, approachable, and a pleasure to work with, she is also always focused on her tasks and driven to complete them to the best of her ability” – Client Rachel


Gayphilen I. - Admin Assistant

Gayphilen I., Admin Assistant

“She’s always on time and cares about her job by asking questions if she doesn’t know anything about it or if it’s confusing. She is not afraid to ask questions and she provides me feedback if there’s something that I missed or if there’s something I can do to improve on our tasks. I like that she can speak her mind and proactively make suggestions because this only means that she cares about her job and our team.” – Angela C., Admin Manager

October Celebration: Fete de Lumieres

We always love watching the children of Go-VA team members—and more than a few team members themselves—enjoy the chance to dress up as superheroes, fairies, and their favorite book characters during our October celebrations.

This year, we chose Fete de Lumières (Festival of Lights) as our theme, and enjoyed the company of so many cute babies, bunnies, a magician, and the Mad Hatter himself!

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We hope you’ll find these habits worth cultivating and wish you a long, happy, and remarkable life.

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