September 2019 CEO Lunch Presentation: Supercharge Your Talent With Positivity

GO-VA Cebu Got Talent Winners
September Celebration: GO-VA Got Talent Season 3
September 20, 2019
Festival of Lights at GO-VA Cebu, Philippines
October Celebration: All the Lovely Lights
November 4, 2019

September ushers in the extended holiday celebrations in the Philippines, but at GO-VA, we have plenty of reasons to celebrate each month. We’re always grateful for all our clients and for the opportunities to help them scale and exceed expectations.

This month, though, offered one more reason to celebrate: the many diverse talents of our team members, which were in full display during one of the year’s most anticipated events. Here’s another look at a September we won’t forget anytime soon.

Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

Shortly after we celebrated our fifth anniversary in May this year, our CEO Fiona Kesby and our founder Matt Kesby updated our vision: To create 1,000 jobs in the Philippines by September 2020 and be known for having a remarkable culture.

To get there, we always steer by our core values.

We CARE. We have DRIVE. We embrace LEARNING. We love to EXECUTE. We always FIND A WAY. We act with HUMILITY. We actively share GRATITUDE.

We surround ourselves with team members who share these values and strive each day to live by them.

Celebrate Growth

In September, we had 391 team members supporting 86 active clients and three client-partners. All told, 964 employees and dependents were covered by our medical insurance program.

Lunch with Fiona Kesby, CEO of GO-VA Cebu


Our work anniversaries don’t go unnoticed. These are celebrated by team members, with the CEO herself in attendance as part of a commitment to ensure she has a touchpoint with everyone during the year, no matter how rapidly the team grows.

For team members who joined GO-VA in the same month and year, it’s also a wonderful chance to catch up on each other’s high points and to remember the kind individuals who led us to join this very supportive team.

We Live by Our Values: Values Winners for September

Skills and talent can drive consistently good results but it takes a work culture that emphasises caring and being coachable to perform at a level that exceeds expectations.

Congratulations to these team members who showed GO-VA’s core values at work, much to their clients and their teammates’ delight.

Mary Gold A. – Maintenance Personnel

Care Awardee

Mary Gold A. – Maintenance Personnel

“Many team members have remarked on Mary Gold’s warmth and her caring attitude. She has made many team members’ days better simply by greeting them and by checking on anyone who’s in need of help. Her sunny smile is one of our workplace’s constants and we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to let her know how much we appreciate her.”

Amy Leah M. – Administrative Assistant

Drive Awardee

Amy Leah M. – Administrative Assistant

“Amy is a positive, motivated, and hardworking team member, a great fit for our team (both in cultural fit and work ethic and skills). She has made a great contribution to our team and the way we do ‘admin’, improving processes and bringing confidence to the Operations Managers about the work being done.” – Client  Natasha

Eli G. – Content Writer

Humility Awardee

Eli G. – Content Writer

“After only a day of transition, Eli was left to learn all his tasks through training videos and constant communication with our AU Manager. He has shown good camaraderie and always shows respect by asking for permission if he needs to get away from his station for breaks and lunch, and would always remember to send reports for weekly meetings on time, without a reminder.” – Team Leader Joanne

Monalisa G. – Executive Assistant

Learn Awardee

Monalisa G. – Executive Assistant

“Mona always accepts responsibility for all things she does. She’s lovely to deal with, and so keen to learn and grow. Mona is coping really well in working with someone like me…Her ability to keep focused and disciplined is what I need. She’s getting used to following me up when I have so many balls in the air. Her desire to learn and find things out, even when she has no idea, is what makes her a standout. She’s great with my clients, keen to do well, and I’m very happy with her performance.” – Client Belinda

Chestere Baring - Researcher at GO-VA Cebu

Gratitude Awardee

Chestere B. – Researcher

“Chestere continues to support the organization and is thankful to his clients for the opportunity and encouragement. He shows his gratitude by delivering results to his clients and their partners, one research project at a time.” – RC Chesca

Mary - Gratitude Awardee in GO-VA Cebu

Gratitude Awardee

Mary Joy F. – Virtual Assistant/Marketing Support

“While RC Franchesca distributed the HMO cards from Generali, Mary openly expressed her thanks for the company’s choice of provider. She narrated that she found Generali’s service prompt, fast, and pleasant, even if she had availed of their assistance before the cards could be distributed.”

Kimberly M. – Quantity Surveyor

Execute Awardee

Kimberly M. – Quantity Surveyor

“Kimberly is a positive and happy person, which makes her an excellent fit with our culture. She continually delivers quality work. Since she has started, her skillset and quality of work have flourished and we have great confidence in her ability to complete her tasks accurately.” – Client Amanda

Roland L. – Estimating and Lead Generation

Find A Way Awardee

Roland L. – Estimating and Lead Generation

“Roland is a valued member of our team who has helped us create growth in sales with his work. His willingness to learn and study areas of our business in his own time has accelerated his learning even further.” – Client Damien

“He has done an awesome effort to come in from knowing nothing and doing the great job he’s doing.” – Client Gordon


Daisy S. - Estimate and Sales Support

Daisy S., Estimate and Sales Support

“Daisy’s willingness to stay on after hours to complete quotes/orders is greatly appreciated and shows a real dedication and loyalty to her role, which we don’t view lightly.” – Client Amanda

GO-VA Got Talent-Season 3

Many of our team members spent their childhoods in the Eighties so we shouldn’t have been so amazed they knew the era’s moves and music so well. But amazed we were! We had pitch-perfect solo performers who didn’t break a sweat while hitting the high notes, and we had dancers so graceful they could be pros.

But the real standouts were Fifth Element from 5 Elk, who stomped onstage with all the perfect details in place: big hair, neon outfits, period-correct dance moves, and attitude. Lots of attitude.

How to Pick Your Social Network

Each month, our CEO shares with us a leadership or mindset tip to help us lead more meaningful and rewarding lives.

For September, it was an excerpt from a mastery session led by the author and leadership guru Robin Sharma, on the importance of surrounding ourselves with positive individuals who will help us rise toward mastery at work and in life.

“Beliefs are contagious,” Mr. Sharma said. We need to remember there’s a good chance that the results of the people we surround ourselves with might become our results as well.

We’re sure you’ll find plenty of value in this video as well:

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