Tip1: The Fastest Way to Communicate Instructions to your Virtual Assistant

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Tool Name Loom
Where to find it https://www.useloom.com/?ref=116791
Purpose Sharing instructions via video
Cost FREE (no way!)
How often do we use it? Multiple times per day/week
Similar products  Snagit

At GO-VA we are early adopters of technology and when we road test new tech that is useful to our clients and others that work with remote or or virtual team, well, we love to share it. 

We recently came across Loom  .

What is Loom?

Loom is a video screen capture tool that stores your video directly to the cloud and makes the share of the video extremely simple, especially for those who use gmail.

Why use Loom? The Benefits:

  1. Fastest way to record and share instructions via video
  2. Does not require you to wait for video to render on a local machine and upload.
  3. It’s free...crazy!

Loom’s tag line “Faster than typing” is a great line and one we agree with.

Do remember that this is a simple one way communication. As it does not close the loop on communication, be prepared for your team member to ask you questions.

In time your team member will get to know your instruction style and you will become more specific and articulate in the way to communicate to obtain a results.

PRO TIP: If a team member is not understanding your instructions, take a breathe and a step back and exam whether you are articulating your requirements in a way that others can actually follow. It is easy to miss detail steps when a task is second nature to you.

How to use it:

Let’s get practical for a minute, check out this video here on how to use loom

PRO TIP: Loom can be used for communicating with customers too.


Perhaps the fastest way to communicate instruction via video.

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