Training in Australia: An Onboarding Like No Other

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What is more exciting than being trained abroad? But it wasn’t just pure work. It was learning, having fun, and reunion with family members rolled into one as she was sent to Oz twice (yes, you read it right. Twice!).

Kathleen Garces was barely a month old with Go-VA when she was sent to Australia for training. She thought it was too good to be true until the day she finally flew to Manila bound for Sydney.
“I really can’t believe it. I told myself, ‘Is this for real?’,” she quipped.

For a first-time traveler outside the country, there were plenty of things running through her mind. There was the excitement of seeing Australia and its beauty for the first time, and the fear of what awaits her there. Despite the butterflies in her stomach, she was so determined to give it a shot. Her friends called it the break she was dreaming of. For her, it was one tick off from the bucket list

“I researched a lot,” she narrated. “I was a digital marketer right after college so this is not new to me. But the company is. I read about their seven brands before my trip so while they were discussing it, I already had an idea in mind of what the product is.”

“On the second trip, I was oriented on sales. They were even teasing me that I might replicate their business here in the Philippines,” she fondly recalled.
Her bubbly personality was a big help. Right from the first minute of setting foot in her client’s office, she instantly became “friends with everybody”. “My workmates were warm. I never felt I was an outcast.”

It was not pure work. She had a chance to meet her relatives in Sydney. She also visited several tourist destinations like St. Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney Town Hall, and St. James Church. On her second trip, she rode the boat from Parramatta to Circular Quay to see Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

“It was a good experience. The trip was perfect.” That’s how Kathleen puts it. “I am thankful to my client for sending me there. The trip exceeded my expectation.”

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