What is a Virtual Assistant at GO-VA?

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February 9, 2017
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February 22, 2017

More and more companies are now opening to investing offshore. GO-VA offers this option to foreign companies and being a virtual assistant with us means you represent the company here in the Philippines. Our clients are based mainly in Australia but expanding to US, Europe, and Asia.

The job position varies per company and it is just generalized as a virtual assistant (VA). Each team member's role is significant since your offshore colleagues would depend on your expertise as well. That is why your role as a GO-VA Virtual Assistant is very important. You, as a VA, has a bigger impact than you think. Others had an opportunity to travel and train in Australia as well.

The hiring process is also favorable to a potential VA since our clients are involved and gives the applicant the chance to create rapport before starting. This also gives our clients more confidence in the work output that will be provided by an employee.

Everyone here at GO-VA is regarded as a professional in their own field. We do not just look at your work experience but we also welcome those who are eager to learn new things and shift in careers. We believe that talents is not just based on what you have studied but abilities to discover and develop.

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