What Questions Should You Ask An Office-Based Outsourcing Provider?

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Question to ask an office based outsourcing prorovider

Do I get to choose who works for me?
Do you really want to work with someone you can’t understand or don’t get along with?

Can I start with just 1 team member?
This is my preferred model if you have not ventured into the world of offshoring before. Start small, have your systems and procedures in place and then scale fast.

Is the VA committed 100% to my company?
You don’t want them also working for a competitor or not available when you really need them.

How do you select VA’s?
You are looking for at least English Comprehension tests, profiling, personality, and typing tests and most importantly a history of longevity with previous employers. Someone who has previously job hopped from one employer to the next will likely do the same to you.

Can I see the full resume of the VA?
You don’t want to be caught with a new VA that has a history of jumping ship every 2 months. Original resumes are a great way to see longevity and formatting skills.

Are VA’s located in an office?
If you want a cheap resource and happy to hear rosters and kids in the background, have downtime due to brownouts then this option may suit you. I have been there done that – got the t-shirt and it’s not for me.

Do you have high-speed internet as fast as the NBN?
You can’t get this in a home location, trust me I know, I live in the Philippines.

Do you have a coaching program that monitors and encourages productivity?
I’m a massive Franklin Covey Fan – 7 Habits of Highly Effective People & 4 Disciplines of Execution. At GO-VA we live and breath it! Each VA & client has a dedicated Results Coach.

Can I come and visit?
You wouldn’t have your own team working in below average conditions. Also, one visit face to face to strengthen a relationship is priceless. It’s a people play after all.

How do you monitor the VA’s productivity?
Look for companies using productivity tools including time tracking and proof of work completed. Electronic logins and health and wellbeing checks. A dedicated team leader or results coach who is not also working as a VA for another client.

How long is the contract?
And also ask how much notice is given? Provider varies from 1 to 3 to 12-month contracts.

Do you share the team members salary with me?
Look for companies that have transparent pricing models. This builds trust and you know that any increases or bonuses you want to give your team member go directly to them.

If I want to set up my own company in the Philippines, can I move my team?
If you are not happy with your service provider or you grow to a size that it is financially viable to set up your own office you want to know, you have the flexibility to move your team.

Are there any recruitment fees or security bonds to find and hire a VA?
Make sure there are no hidden surprises.

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