Dinner at Manggahan

GO-VA Christmas Party 2016
December 5, 2016
GO-VA Family Day
February 5, 2017

The first month of the year is normally celebrated with abundant food and merrymaking. This held true with us, too. We celebrated the successes of January with a dinner buffet in one of the best Filipino restaurants in the metro.

It was another gastronomic treat while everyone was catching up with their friends. Sumptuous and generous servings of native foods filled the tables as team members exchanged great conversation and laughter.

What a great celebration it was! Everyone went home not only with a happy tummy but with big smiles and high aspirations for more successful months ahead.

Witness how fun it was. You can watch the video, and those of our awesome monthly events, here.

Celebrations are part of our culture here at Go Virtual Assistants Inc.--we always celebrate a month of productivity, greatness, & success. Our culture of happiness, driven by our values of Drive, Execute, Care, Learn, and Find a Way, makes our team the best in what we do. If you would like a remarkable offshore team or team member, book a discovery session now.  

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