Beauty & the Beast

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March 3, 2017
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March 16, 2017

Who didn’t grow up to the tale as old as time? Everyone did so we traveled back to memory lane where childhood dreams happened–when dreams of marrying princes and princesses and living in a large castle were like a reality.

Unfolding the child in us, we joined the hundred of millions of fans worldwide in witnessing the magic unfolding between Belle and the Beast in the enchanting tale of the Beauty and the Beast. It was not just an ordinary movie day but a family bonding as well with several employees bringing their family members along. It was like bridging the generation gap--so they say--between the adults and their kids.

Everyone was then treated to good food after the movie. Movie critiquing and fangirling/fanboying with close friends ain’t bad over a delicious plate of burger and spaghetti, is it?

Watch our video and more about our awesome monthly event here.

Celebrations are part of our culture here at Go Virtual Assistants Inc.--we always celebrate a month of productivity, greatness, & success. Our culture of happiness, driven by our values of Drive, Execute, Care, Learn, and Find a Way, makes our team the best in what we do. If you would like a remarkable offshore team or team member, book a discovery session now.  

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