GGT Season 2 Finals Night

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February 22, 2018
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Talent, creativity, courage and love were on full display last August 24 in GGT Season 2 Finals Night, in what is turning out to be a full-on entertainment showcase.

In the newly introduced Original GO-VA Songwriting Contest, everyone was grooving to the catchy tunes of our contestants. Days later, more and more team members can be heard singing and humming the refrain of the winning song. In the Freestyle Talent Category, we were wowed by the presentations, but what stood out and what ultimately got the Judges' nod was the sheer boldness and novelty of the winning performance. Hats off too to our intermission presenters. By all accounts, they would have given the contestants stiff competition indeed. And who can ever forget the jaw-dropping prizes from Matt and Fiona that nobody saw coming?

What an extraordinary night. This was our GO-VA culture at its best. Kudos to the organizers, who all did an excellent job. We will be back for Season 3! 

Celebrations are part of our culture here at Go Virtual Assistants Inc.--we always celebrate a month of productivity, greatness, & success. Our culture of happiness, driven by our values of Care, Drive, Humility, Learn, Gratitude, Execute and Find a Way, makes our team the best in what we do. If you would like a remarkable offshore team or team member, book a discovery session now.  

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